Hey there!

I'm Kat, and I am the blogger behind Under the Linden Tree.  I started this blog as a way to document my transition from educator to mother.  We welcomed our first child in February 2012 and throughout the first year of motherhood my profession gradually changed from educator to homemaker.

This blog will follow my journey and the daily rhythm of our lives as our family grows and evolves.

I am passionate about all things birth, child, family, food, and creating.  I will share with you favorite recipes, information about parenting and children, projects I am working on, and other daily happenings.

Check back often for updates or add my blog to your reader.  I look forward to reaching out to the blogging community and continuing to fuel my passions through blogging.

(Thank you to Wendy B. Photography for taking the photos above!  She is a wonderfully talented photographer in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area)