Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our CSA box: Week 3

Our CSA officially began 3 weeks ago, and I always get so excited to see all the beautiful produce inside.  I know some people are unsure if they can use all their produce in the box, or unsure of what to do with produce they are unfamiliar with, but to me that's the fun of the forces me to think OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!

Here's what was in the box this week:
red mustard
mild mixed greens
garlic scapes

Recipes for this week's box:

  • Pasta with wilted arugula, red mustard, almonds, & goat cheese (adapted from The Kinfolk Table)
  • Turnips & carrots with green tahini sauce (adapted from Eating Well march/april 2015)
  • Zucchini bruschetta (from Martha Stewart Living July/August 2015)
  • Fresh basil salad (adapted from Better Homes and Gardens June 2015)

Over the next 3 days I will share the recipes and stories associated with the meals we made out of this week's box.

Let's start with the Fresh Basil Salad that I made for a 4th of July part with friends.  I was asked to bring a salad and when I saw this in the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens I knew instantly that it was the ONE!!!  Especially considering I had two beautiful head of lettuce to use up before it wilted in my fridge and figured it would feed a crowd and be different enough to look like I put a lot of effort into it.

Fresh Basil Salad
(adapted from Better Homes and Gardens June 2015)

For Salad:
1 bunch of Basil (roughly chopped)
2 heads of Lettuce (roughly chopped or torn)
2 containers of Raspberries
3 small Red Onions (sliced thinly)
4 oz of Goat Cheese (crumbled)

For Dressing:
1/3 cup EVOO
1/3 cup Champagne Vinegar
1 Tbsp Honey

Mix all the salad ingredients together in a large bowl (or alternately layer the ingredients for a pretty presentation : lettuce on the bottom, then red onions, basil, raspberries, and on top the goat cheese)

Put all the dressing ingredients in a small mason jar, put the lid on, and shake until combined

Drizzle the dressing over the salad just before serving.

The salad was a huge hit at our little gathering of friends of friends, former neighbors, and soon to be former neighbors.  Everyone asked about what the dressing was.  I think champagne vinegar in dressing is the secret to a tangy and tasty dressing that almost everyone loves, and the honey sweetens and thickens it just enough.

We had a blast celebrating the 4th of July with friends!!!!  The kiddos swam in the kiddie pool, ran around spraying each other (and us) with water guns, the dogs chased each other around the yard, and I enjoyed sipping my Rose while chatting with friends and watch my son beam from ear to ear all night long.

And what would the 4th of July in Minnesota be, without some super lame safe fireworks/sparklers for the kids.  It was my son's first experience with sparklers and he LOVED it!!!  The next morning he asked if we could do fireworks again today.  Maybe we will have to hit the clearance section next time we are at Target.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors, former neighbors, and soon the be former neighbors.  Our neighborhood has changed over the last 9 years we have been here, but we are glad that we have made such great friends and that we still get together, even though now we have to drive to each others houses (no more carefully walking home after a long fun night).

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