Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trixie My Love

Dearest Trixie:

You were and still are the best dog a girl could ever ask for.  Thank you so much for allowing me to touch your life for almost 11 of your 15 years and for sharing our home with us for the last 6 1/2 years. You are one of a kind, there will never be another Trixie.

We were the best of friends from the beginning and I remember spending countless hours with you in the VonDeLinde garage before you came to live with us when we moved into our first house.  And boy did you LOVE being a house dog!!  You were and will always be the queen of this castle.

I remember the winter you moved in with us, and how you hogged the whole bed :)  I remember how you used to pull me along on our long walks and how you never seemed to get tired of them.  I remember the one spring you decided to have a little fun with some mallards in our backyard and we had to ask John and Sue to come over to help us dispose of them.  Or the spring when you got the little dove that fell out of the nest that was in our front step gutters.

But let's get this straight you were the sweetest dog, these little creatures just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and you were just having a little fun.

I remember how we used to play tug in the backyard.  And oh how you used to talk; you had an opinion about everything (not to different from your mama) and you were not at all shy about it.  You would talk from sun up to sun down.

I remember how afraid you were of fireworks and thunderstorms and how you would cower in our closet trying to hide and how I would go in and sit with you and pet you and reassure you that everything was going to be okay and that I was there for you.

I remember one time when we walked around Lake Nokomis and we had to park in a different spot than we usually did and how you stopped by where we usually parked and refused to walk any further.  I tried to turn around and walk you the other way, but you went a few feet at stopped.  Finally I had to pick you up and carry you all the way back to the car (it was a long ways, at least 1/4 mile or maybe even 1/2 mile).  Only to realize when I got back to the car that I had dropped my cell phone along the way.  So I drove down to where I had to pick you up, leaving you in the car with the windows down, and thankfully there it was right in the spot where I had to pick you up.

Boy were you stubborn!!  When you didn't want to do something, you weren't going to do it, and there was no one in the world who could make you.  And when you wanted something, you found a way to get it.  You were such a smart dog, sometimes too smart for your own good.

I remember when we first got Morgan and how you played so nice and gentle with her and would even let her have things that you wanted, because she was just a little puppy, and you knew.  Oh how Morgan loved and looked up to you.  I'm sure she misses you as much as I do.  I think she is confused about where you are and is probably waiting for you to walk back through the door.

Every time I open the door I expect to find you lying on the the front rug waiting for me.  When I made breakfast this morning I was looking for you to walk into the kitchen and ask for a little taste.  When Eero was eating I kept thinking I would feel you brush up against my leg while you stole morseles of food off his highchair.  I only had to make up one bowl of Sojo's this morning (but don't worry I gave Morgan your bowl so she can now have the special bowl we bought for you way back when at Bone Adventure).

We went for a long morning walk this morning (our usual route), and even though you haven't been able to go on that walk for a long time, I missed you today more than ever.  I miss feeling you tug on the leash, stopping every few feet to tinkle, always trying to stay one step ahead of Miss Morgan.

I will never forget how you guarded the house right after Eero was born.  You sensed it and you took on the role of protector yourself without us having to ask.  For the first few days you stayed outside, even though it was February, and guarded the perimeter, letting anyone who came to close know that they should stay away.  Eero was your baby too!

There are so many great memories and even though you are not physically with us anymore you will live on forever in our hearts and our minds.  There will always be a special place for you Trixie.  And you will always be my first dog, the best dog a girl could ask for.

I love you and I miss you and I wish I could just snuggle in next to your soft fur one last time or kiss you on the top of you head while I stroke your ears.  But now all I can do is remember that, and remember all the special times we had together, and all the ordinary days we were able to share.  You were loved and in return you loved us with all that you had, right up to your very last breath.

I'm so thankful that you chose me to be your person, because you were without a doubt my dog.  And I'm thankful that you got to go for one last walk, one last car ride with your head hanging out the window, got one last delicious bowl of yogurt all to yourself, and said goodbye to the world with me right by your side, stroking the top of you head, rubbing you ears.  The last words you heard were "I Love you Trixie" as I bent down and kissed the top of your head one last time as my tears wet your soft fur.  You were loved so much, by so many people, and you will always be loved and I know that in return you will always love us and in our hearts you will always be here right where you are meant to be.

With all my LOVE,
your Mama Kat

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