Friday, October 14, 2011

An Amusing Friday

Pete and I had an amusing day today!  After having an enjoyable breakfast at Pardon My French with my aunt we decided to take a quick gander at the mall for some skinny maternity jeans for me.  My current maternity bottoms wardrobe consists of one pair of black leggings and one pair of jeans.  With winter fast approaching I was hoping to find a reasonably priced pair of skinny jeans that I will be able to tuck into my boots.

Our first stop was Gap (we had looked their previously and the jeans didn't fit well, but it has been a couple months so I thought maybe things had changed), apparently the Gap Maternity Jeans are not designed for petite women who gain weight only where their baby is (i.e. not in the hips, butt, or thighs).  I ended up having so much extra fabric in the butt that I felt like I should be wearing a diaper.

Next stop was Motherhood Maternity.  I had never looked there before because the store is so uninviting, but I decided it was worth a shot.  I found 2 pairs of skinny jeans to try on, and they didn't look promising, but into the fitting room I went.  I started laughing the instant I put the jeans on, they were the most hideous jeans I have even put on my body, so hideous that I just had to show Pete exactly how bad a pair of jeans can make even the cutest of butts look.  So, I emerged from the fitting rooms and Pete broke out in an immediate giggle and just shook his head.  On to the next pair...even worse, the back pockets were literally on my hips and were so large that they covered an enormous amount of space on the back larger than my actual bottom. 

If you are a small/petite woman looking for maternity jeans I am sorry to say that the only place I have had any luck at is A Pea in the Pod, and with jeans around $200 a pop you aren't going to be buying an extensive wardrobe.  Here are two I tried on and loved at A Pea in the Pod:
Image source A Pea in the Pod
Image source A Pea in the Pod

Looks like I am going to be sticking with my Hudson maternity jeans that I purchased from A Pea in the Pod at the beginning of my pregnancy.  All of you will just have to get used to seeing me in either my Hudsons or my leggings (this is hard for a girl who used to own upwards of 20 pairs of jeans). 

If you see me out and about please tell me how fabulous my outfit is, because wearing the same three shirts I have in black, white, and gray and the same 2 pairs of pants is getting old.

Tonight I will be dreaming of starting my own maternity line with fashionable and affordable pieces showcased in a store that is light and inviting.  I really wish Hot Mama didn't decide to discontinue carrying maternity the instant I got pregnant, but ah well, such is life.

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