Thursday, October 20, 2011

Egg Recall

My mom texted me this morning to let me know that Larry Schultz eggs have issued a voluntary recall on some of their products due to a salmonella outbreak.  Of course I didn't check my text messages until after I had already made myself 2 eggs (full of protein) for breakfast.  

I was a little nervous especially since pregnant women are supposed to only consume fully cooked eggs, and quite frankly I don't like me eggs fully cooked, so sometimes I cheat a little and eat my eggs the way I like them.  That's what I did this morning.  So I immediately made Pete check on the recall while I was driving him to school.  It appeared that our bulk eggs that we purchased at the coop were not included in the recall.

That wasn't enough for me though, I had to double check when I got home.  So I went to both coops websites that we have recently bought eggs from to check and see if the eggs they sell were included in the recall.  Turns out they are not.  Thank goodness!

Here are the statements from Mississippi Market:


Schultz Egg Recall

Larry Schultz Organic Farm has voluntarily issued a recall for some varieties of Schultz organic eggs. There have been 6 cases of salmonella poisoning in people who have reported eating Schultz eggs between August 12 and September 24. A piece of farm equipment in one of the barns on the Schultz farm did test positive for salmonella. While that equipment never comes into contact with any eggs, Larry Schultz is voluntarily recalling the lot codes of eggs that are produced in that facility.  We’ve worked with Larry Schultz for decades, and we know that he is doing everything necessary to correct this problem.
Please note that our bulk eggs and the eggs are deli uses are not affected by this recall (these are produced in a separate facility).  This issue was confined to only one part of the Schultz farm, so we will continue selling eggs from the facilities that remain safe, inspected and free of salmonella.
For the full report and a list of the lot codes of recalled eggs, visit the MN Department of Agriculture’s news release.
We’ve removed the recalled eggs from our shelves and welcome returns of any recalled cartons of eggs.
While we never want to see one of our local farmers affected by as issue such as this, we take comfort in knowing that Larry himself was on the phone with us as soon as possible to communicate this news directly.  Small scale farms are able to react quickly and their recalls are confined to relatively small areas- Just one of many reasons we love working with our local farms- even when something goes wrong.

Current Egg Recall 
Valley Natural Foods is in direct contact with Larry Schultz and is fully cooperating with the egg recall. The Schultz eggs currently on our shelves have not been impacted.

To avoid getting sick, consumers should thoroughly cook all eggs before eating. Consumers who believe they have purchased the recalled eggs are advised not to eat them, but return them.

The only eggs impacted at Valley Natural Foods were shipment of WHITE, BULK eggs.

Looks like I can continue to enjoy my Larry Schultz eggs, I'll just be sure to scramble them next time just to be safe!

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